ProVision Network Management System

Simplify your operations with ProVision

ProVision™ is a powerful, standards-based Element Management System (EMS). Designed to simplify Carrier Ethernet and TDM network design and service, it provides superior intelligence for mobile and private network operators. By reducing complex configuration time to deployment, providing automated tools to monitor and respond to end-user service levels, and including intelligent links between physical and Ethernet network issues, ProVision enables operators to deliver superior levels of service and reduce costs. operational costs. Request a Quote

Simple, smart and secure management

ProVision provides network management across Aviat's entire product portfolio, key partner products, and many third-party SNMP-based platforms. It provides complete and efficient end-to-end network management solutions for TDM, Carrier Ethernet and hybrid microwave networks.

Multi-vendor management

ProVision manages a variety of third-party microwave radios. In addition, routers, switches and other equipment are also covered.

Proficient Network Operations

• Fast installation with automatic product updates

• Automated discovery of network resources, including end-to-end TDM and Ethernet services

• Instant alerts of degraded performance and failures, including email and SMS notifications

• Fast network provisioning through bulk transactions

• End-to-end service awareness providing intelligent automated operations

intelligent fault management

• Microwave, TDM and Ethernet multi-technology network integrity monitoring

• Automated network health reports detect performance degradation before outages

• Advanced end-to-end diagnostics including Ethernet OA&M (ITU-T Y.1731 and IEEE 802.1ag)

• Smartphone and tablet client option, enabling effective fault management outside of the NOC

• Ethernet clock distribution and clock synchronization related failures across Eclipse networks

• ERPS, EVC / VLAN e tecnologias de proteção / diversidade

Intelligent network provisioning

• Rapid bulk delivery of network firmware and license updates

• End-to-end provisioning of TDM and Ethernet services through a simple graphical interface

• Automated validation of network clock synchronization distribution design

• Automated discovery, simplifying provisioning of configuration changes

• Automated discovery of network resources and services, including end-to-end TDM and Ethernet services and network configurations

Proactive bandwidth management

• Ethernet Bandwidth Utilization instantly displays over- or underutilized utilization on all network ports, predicts future utilization, and provides navigation for deep analysis tools

• RF Capacity Reports identify maximum available and licensed capacity available on all microwave interfaces in the network

Secure and reliable access control

• Role-based access control with single sign-on

• Flexible contention-based management that provides access control by region, technology, etc.

• Secure access to network devices including SNMPv3, HTTPS and SSH

• RADIUS-based user authentication, authorization, and access accounting

• Secure bulk provisioning of network device user accounts and access control lists

• Audit log, reporting and client session management

Ready for OSS Integration

• Proven OSS integration with many OSS operators and vendors

• Assurance of coverage and provisioning of microwave, TDM and Ethernet resources

• Northbound interface based on SNMP / XML / CSV (Traditional Out-of-box)

• TMF 854 MTOSI open interface option, providing industry standard warranty and service, enabling automation of OSS processes


Scalable solutions

• Up to 10,000 network elements and 25 concurrent client sessions per server

• Licensing based on network size and feature set

• Redundant server options.


• Server - Windows 7, XP, 2012, 2008, 2003 or Solaris 10

• Client - Windows 7, XP, 2012, 2008, 2003, Vista

• Embedded Oracle MySQL database

• Minimal hardware - 2 GHz single core processor, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD

• Multi-language - Translation available upon request



ProVision Plus

Management and Application Platform

ProVision Plus is Aviat's next generation management and application platform, designed from the ground up to minimize the total cost of ownership and maximize the intelligence and flexibility of modern complex microwave networks. ProVision Plus is designed to be open and programmable to allow for custom applications to automate the microwave lifecycle.

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ProVision Plus is an easy-to-use web-based system accessed through modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. No client application installation is required, minimizing deployment and support cost. Several server deployment options are available. ProVision Plus is designed for on-premises deployments and complements AviatCloud for cloud-based deployments.

Automation for all environments

Combined with AviatCloud, Aviat now provides automation platforms for on-premises and cloud installations. ProVision Plus is a platform, including product modules for network management and business applications for automation, designed for on-premises deployments.

Seamless integration with ProVision-

ProVision Plus is designed to work seamlessly with ProVision. Deployable on the same server, ProVision Plus provides a web front end to ProVision, making deployment easy and remote access easy. Additionally, ProVision Plus connects to multiple ProVision servers to serve as a manager manager and will provide a future-proof NBI (RestBet North Bound Interface).

Powerful Network Management Modules

Element Management Modules

ProVision Plus provides element management capabilities for the WTM4000 series, including inventory, detection, fault and performance management. EM modules provide the Layer 1 network design. ProVision Plus also integrates with ProVision for element management capabilities to provide a single pane of glass for Aviat devices. ProVision Plus will offer design and pre-provisioning capabilities for L1 and physical layers.

Carrier Ethernet Modules Carrier Ethernet Modules Carrier Ethernet Modules Carrier Ethernet Modules

ProVision Plus provide service management features including detection, fault and associated features for VLAN and clock synchronization. Additionally, ProVision Plus will provide design and pre-provisioning capabilities for such end-to-end services.

IP/MPLS Modules: Simplifying the Complexity of IP/MPLS Along with integrated microwave routers and specialized IP/MPLS services and support, ProVision Plus is an essential part of Aviat's solution for simplifying the complexity of IP/MPLS based microwave networks.

ProVision Plus gathers information from all devices and then models and presents end-to-end IP/MPLS services such as TE-Links, tunnels, pseudowires, VPLS, VPWS and L3VPN. By enabling network operators to effectively plan, manage and troubleshoot IP / MPLS networks at a very high level of abstraction, IP / MPLS modules greatly reduce required skills, increase operator productivity, improve quality and uptime operations and the network, allowing for a notable reduction in Opex and faster time to revenue.

NBI module:

Through the NBI module, ProVision Plus offers industry standard RestConf NBI interfaces to enable simple integration with OSS / BSS and orchestrators, as well as the future Aviat network for powerful SDN capabilities.


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