CTR 8740


CTR 8740

With state-of-the-art hardware and software, and specifically designed to simplify wireless networking, the CTR 8740 is the industry's most affordable and resilient converged transport router that is 5G ready.

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The CTR 8740 addresses the evolving needs of fiber and microwave transport and backhaul for all networks. It is compact and easy to use, 5G ready and supports native IP/MPLS and segment routing, High Availability (HA) and strong security options, 10 GE Ethernet ports and NETCONF/YANG management for SDN automation.

With its versatile feature set, the CTR 8740 is a unique solution for all-indoor, split-mount and trunking radio architectures. Its high-capacity switching fabric enables deployment in access, pre-aggregation, or aggregation applications in a variety of topologies.

Optional High Availability (HA) support ensures robust protection against hardware failures and no single point of failure with graceful restart and non-stop forwarding.

Resilient and Affordable Microwave and Transport Routers

Robust performance without the high price

Aviat introduced the industry's first microwave router in 2014. Unlike traditional microwave indoor units that require separate routers and management systems, our microwave routers and CTR transport are fully detached, designed to reduce the number of devices needed and reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Routers have been very expensive for a long time. With a bottleneck in the market, traditional router vendors have demanded premiums for their products, and with SDN technology a few years away from disrupting the transport routing cost equation, a new approach to routing is needed.

Microwave + Router in One Box

A new approach to routing

Aviat leapfrogged existing router technology, combining a powerful industry-leading microwave platform with a full-featured router. Now you can harness the power of microwave transport, Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet, Layer 3 IP/MPLS, and Segment Routing—all in one box.

Streamlined Operations and Service Provisioning

With our CTR 8000 microwave routers, you can enable new IP-based services directly from your existing transport infrastructure. You have fewer boxes to buy, deploy and maintain, which means less overhead and easier management. With the router and microwave combined in one device and with built-in media awareness, your network will perform better. And if you're not ready for IP/MPLS, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you've invested in a device that supports migration well into the future.

Multi-Service Hub

Transport flexibility

Our CTR 8000 routers are also the industry's most compact multi-service, multi-layer microwave hubs. They support any transport interface - copper, fiber or wireless - for small cell, Wi-Fi, CRAN/ORAN architectures and 2G/3G/LTE/5G macrocells, along with a variety of IP/MPLS-based enterprise services.

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