WTM 4000

WTM 4000

Purpose-built for high-capacity 5G transport.

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The WTM 4000 is a multi-channel, multi-band platform that spans from 5 to 80 GHz, supports modulations from 4 to 4096QAM, channel sizes from 7 to 2000 MHz and capacities up to 20 Gbps, all in a single, cost-effective common outdoor deck. It delivers high performance at a lower cost per bit, consumes less power per bit than any other microwave radio, and eliminates the structure and environmental costs of in-house equipment.

Wireless Transport Lower TCO

O WTM 4000 reduz drasticamente o custo das redes de microondas, ondas milimétricas e de transporte e backhaul de várias bandas. Uma arquitetura compacta de transceptor duplo todo externo com IP/MPLS integrado elimina a necessidade de uma unidade interna ou um roteador autônomo. O alto ganho do sistema reduz os tamanhos das antenas e os custos de locação de torres, enquanto uma multibanda única de uma caixa fornece alta capacidade em distâncias mais longas, com taxas de espectro mais baixas e custos mínimos de atualização.

Platform WTM 4000

The platform's ultra-high capacity protects your network from impending traffic growth. It will minimize your overall operating costs and resources, support new applications, and enable rapid deployment of new services. This will allow you to prepare for an uncertain future with software-scalable capacity upgrades that can be purchased online and deployed in minutes without additional equipment or truck rolls.

Multicanal, Única o Multibanda

Platform's dual transceiver design is unique It's the only platform that can support single or multi-channel, combined with single-band and multi-band operation, all in a single outdoor box. Each WTM 4000 radio can be equipped with one or two transceivers (from 5 to 80 GHz) configured for a variety of operating modes, including Single Band Transceiver, Dual Single Band Transceiver and Dual Multi-Band Transceiver.

A2C+ (Adaptive Dual Carrier)

Breaking new ground in capacity, reliability, TCO

It is an option available on the Aviat WTM 4100 and WTM 4800 Multi-Band Series radios, doubling the capacity (up to 2.5 Gbps) allowing a second RF channel on a single transceiver. Because there's no need for additional hardware, you get twice the capacity without the cost and hassle of ordering, buying, and installing more equipment on-site.

Using A2C+ also improves link uptime. During any rain fade event, the Aviat WTM 4100 automatically reverts to single-channel operation, providing an instant system gain boost of up to 7dB to maintain continuous traffic in severe conditions. A2C+ will provide better link performance with much more uptime than a single 224 MHz channel with adaptive modulation (ACM) alone.

MB-XD Extended Distance Multiband

A unique two-box, all-outdoor architecture

It combines a dual-channel WTM 4200 microwave radio with a dual-channel WTM 4880 E-Band radio in a single antenna. No internal drive is required and power consumption is significantly reduced compared to similar solutions.

The MB-XD also takes advantage of rain-resistant microwave bands such as 11 or 13 GHz, combined with the dual-channel electronic band, to deploy much longer high-capacity multi-band link distances - up to 20 km. Our unique L1-LA traffic aggregation ensures you still maintain up to 99.999% availability for your most important traffic.

WTM 4800 E-Band and Multi-Band Series

A single solution with multiple applications

The dual transceiver design supports up to 10Gbps single-channel E-Band, dual-channel E-band at 20Gbps, or two- or three-channel multiband by combining one E-Band channel with one or two microwave channels on bands 11, 13 , 15, 18 or 23 GHz.

Built on the all-outdoor WTM 4000 platform, the WTM 4800 leverages advanced L2 and L3 IP/MPLS capabilities to deliver ultra-high capacities with advanced network intelligence in a single, compact solution.

Small increase in cost for almost unlimited capacity

Single box for smooth migration up to 10 Gbps

There are no additional hardware investments, no site visits or tower upgrades, and (in most cases) little or no increase in spectrum fees. Capacity upgrades are as simple as it gets - order through the Aviat Online Store and download your capacity upgrades from AviatCloud.

Depending on the spectrum fees charged in your country, Multi-Band can also lead to significant savings in fees where E-Band is charged at a much lower rate per Gbps of capacity.

Integrated L2 and L3 IP/MPLS

Integrated L2 and L3 IP/MPLS

The WTM 4000 incorporates a 50 Gbps Carrier Ethernet switch that supports advanced L2 features and - with a simple software upgrade - enables L3 functionality in a fully external footprint. There is no need and related costs to deploy a standalone cell site router. Other features include AES256 Payload Encryption, 1588v2 Transparent and Boundary Clock, 4×4 MIMO, Space Diversity and an integrated spectrum analyzer.

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