STR 4500

STR 4500

The next generation of split-mount and all-outdoor trunking applications

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For over 30 years, Aviat has been a leader in long haul microwave solutions, initially using multi-channel trunk radios for all interiors. However, over the last decade, Aviat has led a transformation of the long haul market by pioneering a new split mount trucking solution – the STR 4500.

The wireless alternative to long-distance fiber

The STR 4500 represents the next generation of long haul microwave applications. Up to four WTM 4500s can be combined into a single antenna port using an External Branch Unit (OBU), supporting up to 8 Gbps of link capacity with built-in space diversity. This gives network operators a viable choice over fiber for long haul backbone paths and offers the lowest possible CAPEX and OPEX.

Operators no longer need to deploy extensive and expensive site infrastructure - such as shelters, air conditioning, elliptical waveguides and dewatering systems - to support trunk radios for all interiors. The STR 4500 eliminates all these requirements, dramatically reducing TCO.

Dual Transceiver + Built-in Spatial Diversity

A long distance solution

The STR 4500 incorporates Aviat's latest long-haul innovations, such as dual transceiver designs with built-in Spatial Diversity (DC-SD), to support up to 10 Gbps of capacity over link distances in excess of 100 km, even over water.

Convincing benefits

Impressive added value

The STR 4500 offers compelling advantages over traditional all-internal solutions, and operators around the world are recognizing the value of split-mount trunking to dramatically reduce long-haul microwave costs:

•Up to 65% lower TCO

•230% more capacity

•Minimum internal footprint, up to 50% less energy consumption

• No shelter or air conditioning

• Higher system gain to reduce tower loading

•No waveguides or dehydrators

• Easier to ship, faster to deploy and commission

Esta solución de microondas de larga distancia de Aviat ofrece a los operadores una opción viable para implementar una costosa infraestructura de fibra mientras reduce drásticamente los costos generales.

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