CTR 8312

CTR 8312

Eclipse is FIPS 197 and FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated and is included in DoDIN APL (USA), the only operator-grade microwave radio platform offering these two security suites.

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The CTR 8312 is a super compact Microwave Router. It can store up to 1 Gbit/s of data transfer rate on a single Radio Channel. The CTR 8312 MICROWAVE ROUTER is designed for easy deployment in access applications at or near the Edge of the Network where space is at a premium. With advanced high-capacity and network resources, they are still essential in all required operations.

The CTR 8312 Microwave Router consolidates the features and functions of multiple devices into a single, ultra-compact unit, including a Microwave Indoor Unit (IDU), an advanced Carrier Ethernet Switch, a Pseudowire TDM Adapter, and an IP/MPLS Router.

The CTR 8312 Microwave Router has the flexibility to be deployed in a wide variety of enterprise access or Backhaul applications with Microwave / Millimeter Wave or Fiber connectivity, all optimized for the lowest possible CAPEX and OPEX.

Super Compact. But powerful. Never before has so much functionality been supported in such a small package. The CTR 8312 Microwave Router supports integrated Microwave and Network features typically found in much larger and more expensive aggregation devices.

Advanced Microwave features include up to 1024QAM modulations with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), co-channel operation with XPIC and dual-ODU support. Industry-leading Density and Flexibility. The AVIAT CTR 8312 Microwave Router is available in two variants:

CTR 8311 supports the connection of an Aviat Outdoor Unit for 1+ unsecured terminal/link applications.

CTR 8312 features two radio connections, allowing dual 1+0 (repeater) nodes, 1+1 Hot Standby protection or no space diversity path protection, and 2+0 dual capacity links with optional XPIC for co-channel operation .

Each unit supports 4 x 10 x 100/1000 Ethernet interfaces, 16 E1/T1 ports and management ports as standard, all within a tiny 1RU rack enclosure.

Service and deployment flexibility for a safe investment.

The CTR 8312 Microwave Router offers advanced Networking and Flexibility options to meet growing service needs by combining the latest in Carrier Ethernet switching, Ethernet Pseudowires, Ethernet OAM.

Its synchronization is Packet based along with Software programmable capacity scaling.

The CTR 8312 Microwave Router can be deployed as a Cellular Site Router, with or without MPLS, to enable consolidation of cell site traffic or to provision enterprise services.

The CTR 8312 Microwave Router works seamlessly with the Aviat CTR 8540 Microwave Router, allowing full provisioning and end-to-end control of L2 or L3 based services, all without the need to install a separate Switch/Router.

- Applications

- Access

- Pre-aggregation

- Aggregation

- Simplified Radio Network and Port Interfaces.

- Convergence of Media and Transport over Radio, Fiber or Copper.

- High interface port density - up to 4 GigE ports (including 2 SFP ports) and 16xT1/E1 interfaces.

- QPSK to 1024QAM Adaptive Modulation for maximum Channel efficiency.

- Operation with XPIC allows links with a capacity of up to 1 Gbps (using 2 IF connections).

- Supported Microwave Configurations:

- CTR 8311 (one IF connection) for unsecured 1+0 terminal/link applications.CTR 8312 (two IF connections) for 1+0 repeater, 1+1 MHSB (radio only), 2+0 with optional XPIC.

- Fanless passive cooling for extended operating range (-10°C to +65°C).

- The CTR 8312 is a scaled-down version of the CTR 8540 - the most integrated Microwave Routing device on the market.

- With less latency and low power consumption.

- Better reliability in all its features.

- Menos problemas nos controles e nas suas operações.

- Gerenciamento de rede de ponta a ponta e Interfaces de artesanato, incluindo o Aviat ProVision suporte e gerenciamento de suporte avançado.

Datasheet CTR 8312

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