Projecting a network in a multi-provider, multi-processor environment today demands skilled and experienced resources capable of completing the full range of planning and integration activities at the system level. AVS Brasil alleviates this burden for two network operators with robust, reliable and detailed system engineering services throughout the network that can meet operational objectives on time

An organized boarding for the design of your network

The team of network and transmission engineers from AVS Brasil approaches network transformation collaboratively - we work alongside our clients, together with our project managers and field engineers to understand their existing network and infrastructure requirements in preparation for their implementation. network transformation.

The network design and the engineering services organize the network design approach, creating new plans or adopting existing plans and evaluations and concluding or converting them into tangible and actionable plans for the use of equipment and resources.

We also provide detailed inquiries, including

• Path search

• Site search

• Tower lifting

• Geotechnical survey

• Environmental assessment

• Site infrastructure design including buildings, towers and foundations

AVS Brasil's engagement in providing services for your network migration has its clear benefits: you are engaging specialists with the know-how and experience of deploying microwave and IP networks on a global basis.

A single point of ownership

The project management program and service provide a single point of ownership with experience:

• program managers

• Design engineers

• Field engineers

• Supervisors assigned to the project.

These are trained AVS Brasil specialists who ensure that deployment, regulatory, compliance and engineering issues are addressed quickly and in a timely manner, and that project updates are achieved and status is communicated to client teams. Program managers are empowered to organize and manage all aspects of project planning, design, and engineering activities to ensure client success.


Our team is made up of PMP certified professionals with extensive experience in managing IP and microwave networks.

Knowledge of installation best practices is essential


Our project and program management team ensures that all resources assigned to the project are assessed for the skills and experience needed to perform quality work.


We hold our local deployment partners to the same rigorous level of standards and testing that we use for our AVS Brasil-certified resources.

Experience in program and project management

• Experience in project management for radio access and IP / MPLS networks, supporting 2G, 3G and 4G / LTE solutions, as well as network management solutions.

• Scalable solutions for any size project, including greenfield deployments, network expansions or upgrades.

• Single point of contact for our customers throughout the project lifecycle to include progress reporting, scheduling, escalation, resolution and final approval.

• Highly experienced project managers who are at your side with the authority to deploy local and corporate resources to meet all project requirements.

• Locally based field supervisors who understand local regulations and conditions to ensure rapid and cost-effective deployment of the solution.

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