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Radio All-Outdoor

Super Compact

The WTM 4000 is the widest dual AOD transceiver platform available today, supporting high-capacity microwave, mmWave, multiband, and multichannel trunking.

WTM 4000


Split Mount Radios

Mainstay of microwave networks for the last 30 years..

ODU 600 radios connect with a single coaxial cable to an IDU. They deliver industry-leading radio system performance to minimize tower load and costs.

ODU 600


Split Mount Radios

High capacity over long distances and difficult terrain.

STR 4500 trunking solutions offer the latest trunking innovations to support up to 10 Gbps of capacity over link distances in excess of 100 km, even over water.

STR 4500

STR 4500

Microwave Routers

Robust performance without the high price

The CTR 8540 and CTR 8740 routers combine radio (L1), Carrier Ethernet (L2) and are fully software upgradeable to L3 IP/MPLS, all in one device, dramatically reducing TCO.

CTR 8540


CTR 8740


Microwave Switches

Simple and convenient for ground access.

CTR 8300 and Eclipse are ideal for traffic access and maintenance. Microwave IDUs typically support a mix of legacy TDM and Ethernet interfaces.





Network Management

Standards-based management platform

Aviat ProVision and ProVision Plus provide efficient, seamless end-to-end network management for microwave TDM, Carrier Ethernet, hybrid and IP/MPLS networks. They support Aviat's complete product portfolio, major partner products, and many SNMP-based third-party platforms.



Private LTE

Complete private LTE solution for demanding applications

The platform's compact design, robust hardware, and EPC scalability allow you to quickly deploy high-capacity networks while lowering your overall operating costs.



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