IP/MPLS in Backhaul

Transport networks are migrating to the MPLS unit due to the need to offer new services.

However, MPLS creates some challenges

• More devices

• Slow service delivery

• Complex management

Aviat offers a complete solution for moving your transport network to MPLS, including

1. Microwave IP / MPLS

2. Provision application to easily manage MPLS transport networks

3. Specialized services and support for IP / MPLS

Why protect your microwave?

Your network security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain: the microwave must be part of any end-to-end security solution.

“But my network isn't even connected to the Internet,” you say?

Securing your microwave makes sense - many network problems result from mistakes made by people who have already authorized access to your network.

AVS Brasil has the safest microwave solutions on the market today.

Improve your peace of mind with robust security solutions from AVS Brasil.

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