The first step in implementing any network change is to have a good understanding of your current network. How do you develop a baseline and map that information to future business and technical goals for your organization? AVS Brasil provides a wide range of planning and assessment services that provide a complete audit of the existing infrastructure and sets the stage for dialogue about improvements that need to be part of the next project.

Network operators can be assured that they can:

• Transform your networks faster to accelerate deployment of new services

• Accelerate your time to revenue and time to market

• Improve return on network investment

• Reduce risk and total cost of ownership along the way

• Increase network reliability and performance

• Ensuring service level agreements to deliver customer satisfaction

• Focus on end users' overall service experience

Most requested services

Here are some of the two most requested evaluation services by our clients:

• QoS configuration and optimization

• Network audits

• Network audits

• Link performance analysis

• Design and configuration revisions L2 and L3

• Non-local audits and preventive assessments

Our evaluation process includes:

• Data queue: two main architects and owners of their technical and business requirements.

• Review: Run through our list of best practices and checkpoints.

• Recommendations and reading: A detailed evaluation report is complemented with recommendations to adjust the client's requirements or contribute to the next high-level project.

• Detailed engagement with key architects and stakeholders to capture commercial and technical objectives.

• Extensive data collection to establish the baseline and integrity of the current network.

• Complete audit using our established methodologies and verification points.

• Detailed evaluation report complemented with recommendations to adjust the requirements and solutions for the next design discussions.

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