Complete Private LTE Solution for Demanding Applications

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Robust LTE with the power of a macro cell in a compact, all-outdoor solution.

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Aviat's private LTE solution combines industry-leading microwave backhauls, all-outdoor industrial RDL 6000, FlexCore and FlexTalk technology to provide a cost-effective, mission-critical LTE solution.

The RDL 6000 is a 3GPP, all-outdoor, compact, rugged, single-band, mini-macro eNodeB that spans from 700 MHz to 3500 MHz with a transmit power of 39 dBm. The RDL 6000 offers rapid deployment in all environments, eliminating the need for large structures and offering mission critical service at a significantly lower cost than other LTE solutions.

FlexCore is the only scalable EPC core available in a small appliance or cloud that eliminates the need for large enclosures. It features flexible subscriber licensing and scales as the network grows, saving thousands per site in unnecessary subscriber licenses.

FlexTalk is an encrypted PTT that provides vendor-agnostic secure communication, messaging, and tracking. It is the most comprehensive LMR Interoperability platform available with P25 via ISSI, DMR via ASI, and all other analogue and digital formats via conventional RoIP.


Hardened to withstand the worst weather and conditions

Designed for harsh conditions and industrial deployments, extremely robust construction, no fans.

High Transmission Power

High energy performance in a microcell footprint

Small size and high transmission power are the first thing for LTE networks. Higher transmit power increases cellular coverage, allowing for fewer base stations.

All-outdoor compact base station

Single box for easy deployment

The complete port unit combines the RRH and BBU in a small enclosure, eliminating the need for an internal cabinet or enclosure to dramatically simplify deployment.

Scalable EPC Core

Platform EPC Core is unique

FlexCore is the only EPC Core available in a small form factor that provides licensing for networks with less than 50,000 subscribers. It can license a single subscriber.

Low energy consumption

Reduces energy bills and large battery banks

The industry's lowest power consumption reduces site energy bills and requires only a small battery bank for emergency power.

FlexTalk PTT

Vendor agnostic PTT

Mission critical communication, messaging and tracking.

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