Designed for simplicity and ease of use, AltaiCare is a cloud-based network management solution to provide a simple, secure and cost-effective way for WISPs and enterprises to manage their WiFi networks.

In addition to network management, AltaiCare supports an innovative, controllerless, cloud-based architecture for AP access management, providing secure entry and service control over a WiFi network. It supports full suite of 802.1x based authentication and captive portal for secure web authentication.

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• Zero configuration allows a non-technical person to simply unzip and connect APs to the WiFi network; APs will automatically receive configuration and firmware from AltaiCare

• Due to AltaiCare's local breakout architecture and CAPWAP protocol, management data going to the cloud is securely encrypted over SSL, while control data and traffic remain local

• Allows enterprise IT managers to quickly set up secure access to their internal network, as well as provision hotspots to accommodate guest access

• O modelo de assinatura Pay-as-you-grow do AltaiCare resulta em OPEX mais baixo

• AltaiCare's location-aware advertising services enable additional advertising revenue

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